It’s rare escorts say to me “that guy really knew what he was doing”. I’ve been working with escorts for twenty years and nothing has changed.

This isn’t men’s fault. It’s rare for men or women to be taught anything about sex. Instead, because of shame, we’re left to our own devices. We stumble and fumble until we learn what works for us. And we remain woefully in the dark about what works for others.

People are usually shocked to learn that most men who pay for sex first and foremost want to sexually please the woman they’re seeing. However, take a minute to think about it – it makes perfect sense.

The majority of us want reciprocated desire, especially from someone whose desire we’re courting. Therefore, the ability to turn that person on, to be the ‘instigator and cause’ of their orgasm, is a powerful aphrodisiac. It’s a tangible testament of their desire for us.

Yet, despite the western world’s perceived sexual progress, most men still don’t understand what, or how, to turn the opposite sex on.

After many years of listening to the frustrations of escorts (as well as the frustration of women who don’t work in the sex industry) lamenting men who say they want to please them but fail to follow through when told what they like, I decided to compile this ‘Greatest Hits List’ of common errors and ways to better your seduction skills.

If your aim is to please the woman you’re seeing, to enjoy mutually pleasurable sex, then read on…

If you believe you’re doing just fine and there’s no room for improvement, read on. Believe me, there’s always room for improvement and an added bonus is these things work for unpaid sexual partners too.

If your requirement is purely an orgasm for yourself. If you’re happy with the paid version of your escorts participation, then exit this page and head straight to Companions.


Setting the mood and creating the right environment for sex