This beautiful bohemian Czech is for all those who are drawn to feminine, elegant, and self-assured women – attributes Kamila has in spades. Then there’s her feisty and cheeky personality, one that’s deliciously contrasted with her kind and gentle flip side.

Quick and observant with a dry sense of humor, her big brown eyes never miss a beat, and her inquisitive nature and love of learning make her a compelling companion.

When asked to describe herself, she immediately  expresses her love of being in water, of off-roading in four-wheel drives – and her new motorbike. Then comes that flip side…she loves partnered dancing – like a waltz or salsa, and will always choose good conversation over movies – especially while naked and cuddling. No matter the topic, if your delivery is passionate, and your interest authentic, you’ll captivate her for hours.

She has a weak spot for pretty underwear, and suspender belts, and when asked about her sexual style, she says (in her sexy accent), “In bed I prefer to be more energetic, but with good company making love is also nice. And not afraid of some experiments”.

Well what are you waiting for…


Age  30

Size  10

Height  5ft 8″

Hourly Rates


(Minimum 90 Minute Bookings)

90 Minutes $1,050

2 Hours $1,350

3 Hours $2,000

4 Hours $2,650

5 Hours $3,250

6 Hours $3,900


10 Hours $5,500

12 Hours $6,600



Bi Double (with 2 Bon Ton Companions)



$50 Travel Fee Applies 🚚 (in Queenstown area)

We accept Eftpos, Visa, Mastercard, Cash or Internet Banking