In 2003, when Bon Ton first opened, our clientele were 99.9% male, and it remained that way for almost two decades.

Fast forward to present day, and thankfully, people are now rebuking society’s antiquated rules around sex and desire.

This has resulted in an explosive curiosity, a new found freedom to explore, even within the confines of a committed relationship. An increasing number of adventurous couples are seeking to make the most of the sexual liberation afforded them today, and indulge their sexual fantasies.

The way many are choosing to do it, is with an escort. A professional who knows what she’s doing  – and what it is you’re wanting. She’s 100% in tune with your body language, and knows just what to say and do to put everyone at ease.

An escort keeps all bases covered. You’re safe, there’s no fear of jealousy, insecurity or feeling left out. Although she’s there for both of you, her main focus will always be on the woman, her antennae will always be tuned to what ‘she’ is doing and how ‘she’ is‘ feeling.

Constantly ‘reading the room’, an escort knows when to step in and when to step back. She knows that, for the most part, men usually prefer to watch as their partner explores another woman’s body – and enjoys being explored – and will wait until she is completely relaxed before pulling her partner into the fold.

Most of our escorts are bi and genuinely love the intimacy they get to share with the women. Excited to be part of her experience as she discovers a whole new world of female pleasure.

Then when it’s all over, you’ll never need to see her again (unless you choose to). You ‘pay so she’ll go away’. There’s no chance of a secret tryst developing between her and your partner.

Finally, with an escort it’s completely confidential.

Feedback is always positive; couples relieved to discover their fears, or preconceptions, were unwarranted. That their escort’s sixth sense and expertise, combined with the safeness to let go, allowed them to relax and enjoy the experience.

Whether it’s something to knock off your bucket list, a one-off curiosity, or a segue to further exploration, paying to see an escort is a safe and foolproof way to make that leap.