Anna is a rare and wonderful find, a woman who’s discovered the depths of her sexuality later in life. At an age when most women are starting to retreat from it, Anna is embracing hers with an enthusiasm that is nothing short of inspiring. 
Her combination of fiery passion, warmth, and empathy is unique, as is her understanding of those who, for whatever reason, have never had the chance to explore their own. 
This level of compassion and understanding comes from life experience, but don’t let that put you off. Like a child with a new secret, Anna’s enthusiasm is genuine, delightful, and infectious. And all she wants to do is share it.
Words she uses to describe herself are ‘real, natural, authentic and completely loving’. And despite being an ex-farm gal, she also loves the more indulgent frivolities…like sensual massage and fine dining.
Whether it’s a sympathetic ear with cuddles you’re after, a partner in crime on outdoor activities like fishing or trekking, or purely a ’no holds barred attitude in the bedroom…Anna is your holy grail of fun, laughs, and pleasure.

She also loves to have fun with couples – of any age!


Age Mid 50’s
Height 5ft 5″
Size 10

Hourly Rates

1 Hour $650
90 Minutes $1,000
2 Hours $1,250
3 Hours $1,850
4 Hours $2,450
5 Hours $3,050

6 Hours $3,600




10 hours  $5,000
12 hours  $6,000




1 Hour $1,050


Bi Double




$50 Travel Fee Applies 🚚 (In Queenstown area)

We accept Eftpos, Visa, Mastercard, Cash or Internet Banking