Taylor is…stunning. Model material.

Her long, toned, honey-coloured limbs, fabulous body, flawless skin and waist length mane of wavy blonde hair draw admiring stares wherever she goes.

Taylor appears so much younger than her 30 years, her pretty face showcasing her incredible eyes (blue with gold speckles) framed by long dark lashes.

She’s sweet and sensual, feminine and graceful, she’s also a self confessed computer geek, competitive chess player and ‘rookie’ poker player – confirming the old adage that you should never judge a book by its cover.

The beach is her happy place but as an English literature scholar, she’s equally as happy with her nose in a book, studying art history or contemporary art, or trawling museums.
It doesn’t stop there, she’s also studied archaeology, Latin, the history of war, and ancient civilisations.

But let’s cut to the chase….already described as ‘an amazing lover’, she’s confident in her ability when it comes to sex, in her words, she knows ‘intuitively what men want’.

We’re not sure how long she’ll be here…she’s still deciding if Queenstown could be home..

Age 30

Size 6

Height  5ft 7”

Hourly Rates

1 Hour $750

90 Minutes $1,100

2 Hours $1,450

3 Hours $2,150

4 Hours $2,850

5 Hours $3,500

6 Hours $4,200


10 Hours $6,000

12 Hours $7,200


1 Hour $1,250


Bi Double (with 2 Bon Ton Companions)

1 Hour $1,600


$50 Travel Fee Applies 🚚 (In Queenstown area)

We accept Eftpos, Visa, Mastercard, Cash or Internet Banking