Queenstown Escorts

bon ton. archaic Sophisticated manners; style. Stylish or fashionable society. French for ‘good tone’ or ‘good taste, stylish.’

Since it first opened in 2003, Bon Ton has been recognised as a trailblazer in the industry, voted best in the world by the British Women’s Institute.

We have now opened in Queenstown and are continuing to offer the same level of service that both Bon Ton Wellington and Auckland became synonymous with.

Three important things to note.

  1. Please check the escorts fees before calling to book. We are a high end agency and our prices reflect our service.
  2. Book well in advance. Interesting girls lead busy lives so all our escorts need notice. Leaving it to the last minute means you’ll miss out.
  3. If you have been drinking please don’t call until you’ve sobered up! Our escorts are happy to accompany you to bars and clubs, but if they arrive and find you already intoxicated they reserve the right to leave (and you’ll still be required to pay). People can often behave ‘out of character’ when drinking, this way we avoid any misunderstandings or problems.


Whether you’re from Queenstown or here visiting, we understand that discretion is paramount and have developed a service that speaks directly to your need for anonymity. When our escorts arrive at your hotel, their appearance is elegantly understated, whether in jeans or evening dress, they will not arouse suspicion. If you’re from Queenstown we can source discreet locations for a rendezvous in Cromwell, Wanaka or Glenorchy. Our role is to make your experience as seamless as possible.


People often comment that our escorts “must be supermodels for that price”. They’re not.

If memory serves me well, supermodels are airbrushed constructions of unobtainable perfection. Bon Ton chooses to represent real women, ones with visible imperfections and a strong ‘je ne sais quoi’.

Confidence, courage, daredevil, pleasure seeker, the ability to listen, empathy…plus a healthy sex drive are all distinctive qualities that define anyone of them – not contrived flawlessness.

They’re smart, savvy and enjoy keeping healthy. Many engage in active lifestyles and have all consuming passions for everything this region has to offer, from extreme sports, to a love of the land and the myriad of fine vineyards that surround it. And regardless of where they’re from, most of our escorts have an in-depth knowledge of where to go and what to see and do in this truely spectacular slice of New Zealand.

From extreme sport and a love of nature, to fine wines and Foucault, there’s someone you’ll connect with. For an hour of passion, an adventure buddy or someone who’ll join you at the end of the day for a long hot soak and a glass of Otago’s finest before dinner, then back to your hotel – just let us know what you’re looking for.

Call or email Jennifer to discuss your individual requirements and let us tailor fit you with the right girl.