‘A breath of fresh air from the far north’ is how this pretty, green-eyed Scandinavian describes herself, and with immediate feedback like ‘you have a keeper there’, we’re confident you’re going to enjoy any time spent with Loviisa. 
As far as joining Bon Ton, in her words, ‘Extreme conditions create extreme individuals, the best way to battle against the relentless arctic elements is to ignite your inner fire’. I believe that’s an invitation…
In the bedroom she likes to slow everything down, just enough to make you feel ‘serene and secure’.
Sweet and seductive, her manner is warm and gentle – in stark contrast to her place of origin, Finland, a country that’s also famous for being the ‘Happiest Country in the World’.
It’s also brimming with saunas and Loviisa is an expert in this ancient tradition. If you’re up for it, she’d love to ‘guide you to the blissful realm of unwinding on the steamy decks and tuning into your vitality’ (just watch out she doesn’t start beating you gently with a birch twig to improve your circulation). And after that, she’ll help you to work up a very different kind of ‘sudor’.
 Her lifeline is winter sports; ice skating, skiing and snowboarding, but she also loves photography, and losing herself in dance.

Age 30

Size 6

Height  5ft 2”

Hourly Rates

1 Hour $700

90 Minutes $1,050

2 Hours $1,350

3 Hours $2,000

4 Hours $2,650

5 Hours $3,250

6 Hours $3,900


10 Hours $5,500

12 Hours $6,600


1 Hour $1,150

Bi Double (with 2 Bon Ton Companions)

1 Hour $1,500

$50 Travel Fee Applies 🚚 (In Queenstown area)

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