Saskia is fabulous, the type of girl you could develop a serious crush on, irrelevant of your gender.
New to this business, so far her experiences have all been couples and she’s having the time of her life, discovering the centuries old ‘obsession’ with the female mystic.

She’s refreshingly liberated in a classy kind of way. Beautiful and uber cool, you get the sense that not much fazes her, she takes it all in her stride, an enviable quality.

Unpretentious and unassuming, her look is Californian natural, the ‘girl-next-door’ type (albeit a very modern one) but she can mix it up. This chameleon will switch from sun kissed beach girl to authentic chic, and effortlessly, whatever the occasion demands.

Bright, savvy, observant and unfaltering, Saskia knows exactly what she wants and where she’s going. Her savoir faire is delicious, she’s fun and easy to be around. Her laugh is genuine and her confidence super sexy.
It takes the pressure off you, allows you to relax. It’s ok, she’s got this.


Age: 26


Height: 5ft 8”



1 hour: $700
2 hours: $1,350
Longer Periods: POA


1 hour: $1,100