The first thing that strikes you about Saskia is her sun-kissed beauty and mega-watt smile.

The second is how uber-cool, fun, and laid-back she is.

Her attitude is unpretentious and refreshingly liberated. Her laugh is genuine and her confidence super sexy, she’s positive, fun, easy to talk to, and easy to be around.

It takes the pressure off you, allows you to relax…it’s ok, she’s got this.
But this very modern ‘girl-next-door’ is also smart, confident, observant, and fearless – an urbane free spirit. She knows exactly what she wants and where she’s going. Admirably, nothing fazes her, she’ll try anything once and embrace the challenge. Mountain climbing, biking, snowboarding, skiing, trekking…you name it, she does it.
Her approach to sex is the same, after her first time playing with a couple – Saskia was hooked. She personifies the open curiosity and eases toward sexual exploration of this new generation.
If you’re after a dinner date, she’ll switch it up a notch. A chameleon who will morph into effortless chic whenever the occasion demands.
So whether an afternoon of extreme sport or a candlelit dinner, followed by fun in the bedroom, this girl won’t let you down. Her savoir-faire is enviable, in fact, it’s downright delicious.
Age 26

Size 8

Height 5ft 8”

Hourly Rates

1 Hour $750

90 Minutes $1,100

2 Hours $1,450

3 Hours $2,150

4 Hours $2,850

5 Hours $3,500

6 Hours $4,200


10 Hours $6,000

12 Hours $7,200


1 Hour $1,250

Bi Double (with 2 Bon Ton Companions)

1 Hour $1,600



$50 Travel Fee Applies 🚚 (In Queenstown area)

We accept Eftpos, Visa, Mastercard, Wisecard, Cash or Internet Banking