Employment with Bon Ton

Bon Ton is now open again in Queenstown and looking to represent a small number of smart, savvy and adventurous women. Women with savoir faire, a passion for fun, sex and ease with entertaining ‘intrepid’ men. And although not a prerequisite, a love of the great outdoors and sporting adventure is definitely a bonus.

Applicants must either live in the Queenstown area or be available to fly in at short notice. Those engaged in flexible employment, studying or on working holidays are preferable.

What Does It Entail – Is It For You? What Does Bon Ton Provide?

You may be uncertain as to what we are looking for, or even if it’s for you, so we address each inquiry as just that, an inquiry. There is no obligation for you to say yes.

Enjoying male desire is nothing to be ashamed of and Tinder has finally allowed women to explore their sexuality without judgement. An adventure companion is not much different to Tinder-ing or Sugar Daddy-ing, but it’s more empowering as you’re the boss and you’re getting paid.

We act as your agent – taking the calls, organising your appointments and discussing the fees. We want you and your date to enjoy yourselves, so if for any reason you don’t connect, we’ll handle that too. And as Bon Ton is New Zealand’s highest-paying agency and your percentage being higher than anywhere else, you are handsomely remunerated with none of the hassle.

You advise us of your ‘on call’ hours so we can take bookings around your schedule. It’s important to remember though that flexibility on your part will obviously increase your earning power. The clients are usually only here for a limited time and will book someone else if you’re unavailable.

Bon Ton provides peace of mind. We screen the clients, are always on the premises (if it’s an incall) and if it’s to a hotel we’ll accompany you to your booking and will be waiting when it’s over.

If you’re backpacking you probably won’t have any fancy threads, so we also provide elegant clothing for dinner dates. All you need to bring is a positive attitude.

What Are We Looking For?

Whatever your age, the same requirements apply, you must be health conscious and fit. Your body is half your business and our clients will only invest in those that are well cared for.

Many girls worry they won’t be accepted, but we’re not seeking perfection or supermodels. What Bon Ton has become synonymous with is intelligent, confident and sexually uninhibited women. We can always help you with grooming or bedroom skills…

If you’ve read through our website and decided you want to enquire further, give us a call. If you like what you hear, we can then meet for coffee and a chat.

After that, it’s completely up to you to decide if this could be for you…or not.

We look forward to hearing from you,