From the Editor →

In the 80s and 90s, the leggy, redheaded Jennifer Souness was stalking the catwalks of Milan. Now based in New Zealand, she has a different career – some call her a madam, she prefers the shock value of the expression ‘pimp’.

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Shine a Light →

Shine a Light

From the day she entered the world as the child of unmarried parents, Jennifer Souness’ life was impacted by society’s sense of shame around sex. Later, as the owner of an escort agency, she was exposed to a whole lot more of that attitude.

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A Thoroughly Modern Madam →

A Thoroughly Modern Madam

Jennifer is no stranger to taking chances from her modelling success, to working for big gun fashion houses in Europe, to running the nicest little brothels in New Zealand.

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Dear Jennifer: My friend is flirting with my husband →

Dear Jennifer: My friend is flirting with my husband

Sunday Star Times Advice Columns

There’s a woman in my group of friends who is flirting with my husband and it’s driving me nuts. She’s not one of my closest friends but she lives in our neighbourhood, our kids go to the same daycare, she’s in my book club and is very close to my two best friends – so the opportunities for her to bump into my husband are endless!

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Dear Jennifer: I'm 57 and I get ignored at the office

Sunday Star Times Columns

I’m a 57-year-old invisible woman. No I don’t have super powers, but I do have a middle-aged face and I feel ignored in many situations. A lot of the time it doesn’t bother me, but it drives me nuts at work. I’ve worked in my sector for a couple of decades. I do good work and deserve respect but increasingly I don’t get it.

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