A modern-day seductress from a bygone era, beautiful Vivian is our Botticelli goddess, an ode to femininity. 
Think Dita Von Teese; enigmatic, sensual, 100% woman. From her love of classic lingerie, and attention to detail – to her passion for the ‘art’ of intimacy and her enviable confidence in her phenomenal curves, she’s truly delightful.    

Her delicious seduction starts the moment you meet when her attention fixes on you and never wavers. Her listening skills immediately apparent, you realise her interest in you is genuine and her sage and considered responses confirm this. In a world where everyone has an opinion, it’s a rare quality, one that allows you to relax, feel safe, and trust her.
Then comes her laugh, flirtatious, authentic, and ever so sexy, it’s playful…like her, and naughty…like her. Her purring sexual prowess seems more befitting of a French Courtesan than modern-day feminist but they’re one and the same. And just like a courtesan or Geisha, her understanding of men is consummate (unusual in one so young) and her charm completely addictive.

For those wanting to experiment with their own partners, Vivian’s love of sexual pleasure extends to couples too. In her own words…”Ladies, it’s a common and healthy fantasy shared between many of us to experience a sexual encounter with another woman – and no wonder, I find the female form nature’s most tantalising creation.
As a bisexual girl, I especially love meeting couples who want to experience a genuine connection with a new partner.  
The thought of inviting another woman to join you in the bedroom can be both enthralling and nerve-wracking. Whether this is your first experience or one of many, I would be delighted to help you explore your fantasies at your own pace, and maybe even check off a few of my own…”

Age: 26
Height: 5ft 9″
Size: 12 – 14


1 hour: $650
90 mins: $1,000
2 hours: $1,250
3 hours: $1,850
4 Hours: $2,450
5 hours: $3,050

10 hours  $5,000
12 hours  $6,000

1 hour: $1,050

Bi Double: POA
True Bi Double: Add $50 each girl per hour