They say you should always start as you mean to go on, and twenty-three-year-old Sam is exactly how Bon Ton means to carry on.

Warm, easy going and attentive listener, Sam is also confident, naughty, and lots of fun. Addicted to sport, she loves nothing more than playing in the great outdoors. Be it hiking, skydiving, trail biking or just ripping through freshly powdered snow, Sam is the perfect companion for anyone looking to experience everything and more of what Queenstown has to offer.

If it’s the evening you prefer, Sam will leave the adrenaline, the mud and her trail bike at home, arriving as your discreetly dressed dinner date – or in jeans and t-shirt, ready to snuggle up with a glass of wine and room service.

And did I mention this girl is spectacularly easy on the eye…

Age: 23


1 hour: $700

90 mins: $1,050

2 hours: $1,350

3 hours: $2,000

4 hours: $2,650

5 hours: $3,250


10 hours: $5,500

12 hours: $6,600



Bi Double:


True Bi Double:

Add $50 to each girl per hour